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1. What volunteer opportunities are available at Feeding South Florida?

Currently we have 10 volunteer opportunities a week, Tuesday through Saturday 8:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-4:30 at both our Pembroke Park and Boynton Beach warehouses. We rely on the support of thousands of volunteers each year to help us inspect, sort, build and repack food so that its ready for distribution.


2. What are the age requirements?

We welcome volunteers age 12 or older in our warehouse. Each volunteer under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when volunteering alongside them. If you are chaperoning a group of minors under 16, there must be a child/adult ratio of 1:5. All minors must have a signed Minor Wavier form on file. Please see forms.

There are special events 12-16 times a year that children 6-12 can volunteer with an adult. Please email for details or check our calendar for “Special Kids Shifts”


3. Do I need to register to volunteer?

Yes. We require all volunteers to be registered for any volunteer opportunity. Please visit our website at to register and create an account. Please utilize the instructions on our website to register as an individual or team. Volunteers under the age of 16 must to be register under a supervising adult as a team member.


4. Can I sign up a team even if I don't have every team member's name yet?

Yes, email the volunteer coordinator for the warehouse location you wish to volunteer at with the approx. number of volunteers. They will reserve the spots for your team based on availability. Teams must be completed one week prior to volunteer date or the spots will be released. If your group size changes after your team is assigned to the shift please notify the volunteer coordinator for your location.

Pembroke Park 954-518-1818 x 1824

Boynton Beach 561-331-5441 x 2507


5. How many volunteers can I bring in a group?

Feeding South Florida can accommodate up to 40 volunteers for each shift at the main warehouse and 20 at the Boynton Beach warehouse. Please contact the volunteer coordinator for the desired location to confirm availability.


6. When bringing groups of minors, do you have requirements for chaperones?

Yes, due to safety concerns each group is required to provide adult supervision. If you are chaperoning a group of minors there must be a minor/adult ratio of 1:5. Please include adult chaperones in the team registration.



7. Do I need to notify the volunteer coordinator if I must cancel?

No, you can decline the opportunity online which will open spots for other volunteers to sign up. If you reserved spots please notify the volunteer coordinator.


8. What can I do if the shift I want to volunteer for is full?

Please place yourself on the waitlist. If space opens, you will receive an email letting you know you can sign up.


9. What should I wear?

All volunteers are required to wear closed toe shoes, no sandals, flipflops or high heels are allowed in the warehouse. Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Tee- shirts and shorts are suggested. No short - shorts or mini skirts.  Shirts should cover your midsection. 

The kitchen dress code is a bit different for safety reason: see below. 

KITCHEN DRESSCODE: - Volunteers must wear long pants (ankle length), a shirt with sleeves covering mid section  (no tank tops or sleeveless shirts) and closed toed shoes.
- Aprons, gloves, and hairnets are provided for all volunteers. You can bring your own cap.
- NO dangly jewelry. Only plain wedding bands and medical bracelets are allowed. - Face masks must be always worn, covering nose and mouth.
- No beverages, cellphone use, or bags are allowed in the kitchen.
- Long hair must be pulled back and completely wrapped up, braided or in a bun.




10. Can I bring my purse or bookbag with me?

Feeding South Florida does not have an area to secure your personal items. We recommend you wear a small crossbody bag or leave handbags, bookbags and valuables at home or locked in your car. Feeding South Florida will not be responsible for your personal belongings.


11. Is there parking available?

Yes, there is parking available, but it is limited. We do encourage carpooling for large groups not utilizing buses.


12. What time should I arrive for my shift?

Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled shift. This will allow time for parking, meeting up with friends or colleagues and signing in. It will also help us ensure that everyone gets orientation at the same time.


13. Where do I report to when I arrive at the warehouse?

Please enter through the north side of the building follow the Feeding South Florida signs.


14. Does feeding South Florida have ADA accessible entrance?

Yes, the main entrance into the warehouse is ADA accessible.


15. Does Feeding South Florida provide a volunteer service hour log completed form?

Yes, the volunteer coordinator will provide a service hour log form for those volunteers that do not have an organization specific form. Service hour logs will be signed at the end of the completed shift. If the volunteer coordinator is asked to verify hours later, the volunteer must have registered for the shifts and checked in. If a letterhead is required, it will be provided at the end of the volunteer's project. Please provide the volunteer coordinator a 24-hour notice for letterhead request.


16. Does Feeding South Florida have volunteer opportunities for those with disabilities or special needs?

Please contact the volunteer coordinator at for more information.



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